Friday, 7 February 2014

On new names and MennoNerds

Hi there! This is just a bit of news on some current events. Firstly, you will notice the blog has a new name because frankly, I had no idea what to call it when I started writing and I could not leave the title as "Hello" forever. I'm not that happy with "With new eyes" either but the only other things I have come up with so far are "Rediscovering Christ" and "Biblical musings of a Bearded Llama".

The other new thing you may notice is the MennoNerds badge to the right. Please go check them out by clicking on it, there are some awesome things happening over there and I am honored to be just a small part of that. So for those of you who are wondering why I'm connected to it. Here is a short version of the story. MennoNerds, as the names suggests, is an online community of nerdy Anabaptist minded folk coming together to share thoughts on the spiritual and social issues of our day. Regarding my geeky qualification, I never inherited any of the good nerd qualities like a high IQ or any IT skills. Unfortunately, my nerd skills are mostly manifested through things like social awkwardness and throwing balls like a girl (not entirely true, my throwing is better compared to a girl throwing with her weaker arm).
As for the Mennonite/Anabaptist part, I have never been part of any such organisation. My first exposure to these groups was through books like "The Pilgrim Church" and "The Torch of the Testimony". Later on, I was exposed to concepts like Christian anarchy* and non-violence through bands like Showbread, Praiser and the Psalters. These thoughts resonated with my own understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom, on the church as a community and with Jesus' famous sermon on the mount. Soon I was reading books by guys like Mark Van Steenwyk and Greg Boyd and it was later through one of Greg's comments that I discovered MennoNerds. So while not an official Mennonite, I guess you could say that we come from a very similar place.

I hope to have some new things on here soon so pop in once in a while or connect with me on Twitter for new blog notifications. Be blessed!


* - I do not think that all Mennonites would embrace the term Christian Anarchism or understand it in the same way. The fundamental idea behind it though is that Christ is the true King to whom we pledge our total allegiance and sometimes His commands will run contrary to the worlds. Some would call that Christian anarchy, I just think it is the natural consequence of following Jesus.

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  1. With new eyes... I like it!

    And welcome to the network, Wes! Glad to have you on board!