Sunday, 4 November 2018

Making America Great Again - book review

I have to admit that I have never been all that into politics. Sure I recognize that those who govern our lands have the capacity to do a lot of good and a lot of harm and our voices matter but generally speaking, I find that politics can be pretty boring and there is always a suspicion that those in power are more focused on looking out for themselves than the people they are meant to be serving. And besides, the Kingdom of God operates in such a contrary manner to the kingdoms of men that trying to play their game can be like trying to figure out how to play water polo from a manual for rules of soccer. I must confess though, that Donald Trump's presidency got me flipping through the news channels every so often which is something that I normally would avoid. It's just been pure TV drama from day one (on both sides of the fence) and like road kill, it's hard to look away.

So I was intrigued by Pastor David Moore's new book entitled, 'Making America Great Again' and had to have a look, I didn't know who he was beforehand but when an African American Pastor writes a book with a foreword by Brian Mclaren I figured that this had to be interesting. I must say though, I presumed that this book would be more theological than it is, maybe highlighting the sharp contrast between greatness through the eyes of many American evangelicals to what greatness looks like in the life of Jesus and those who imitate Him. I was kind of wrong and right in my assumptions...

The book is indeed about power, on our relationship with it and with Jesus but it is not really a book with neat little theological arguments in it at all. Rather, this read offers something powerful and unique to us in that it opens up a conversation that invites us to see America through the eyes of the poor, the disadvantaged, people of color and outsiders. Something that middle class white men like myself can be oblivious to because our life experiences can look very different in similar circumstances. I appreciated that Dr Moore spoke of his time in South Africa as well which is certainly more familiar to me than the USA.

For anyone who wants to better grasp the things that divide a society or understand the social and economic inequality that society, including modern evangelicism, not only ignores but oftentimes promotes then this is a great book to pick up and digest. It will help in your quest to be less ignorant and more Jesusy to your neighbors. The Kingdom of God will not come through political campaigning, through coercion or by standing on the heads of others but rather through men and woman who are prepared to be the hands and feet of Christ and lifting others up.

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You can pick up a copy of Making America Great Again by clicking over here.