Sunday, 14 July 2013

What to expect

So I have really battled to update this blog as often as I would like to and maintain any sort of momentum. But I have come up with the ingenious idea of setting aside one night every week to specifically sit down and focus on the things that I would like to say over here. So please check in every now and then at least and hopefully there will be something new to read. Some of the things that I would like to put down here in the coming weeks would be a look into specific schools or thoughts within Christianity, the positives and
the negatives and what we can take from or should avoid like the plague, the list will probably cover Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant (which to be fair I will probably have to break into bits  like left and right, Calvinism and Armenian-ism, Prosperity Gospel etc). Also the Emergent church, Casual Church, House Church and Organic Church. Maybe some of the communal expressions like the Amish and Mennonites as well. A few other interesting areas to write about will be on Open theism, Universalism and Christian anarchy and books, speakers and authors that I have enjoyed.

Apart from these I also want to add a page on bible verses often quoted out of context, there is such a plethora of them and the real context is often missed and we rob ourselves of their true meaning and beauty. I may just add those one at a time which means maybe the updates will be more regular than just once a week. Once all that is down I might have a look at some specific church doctrines and practices like communion, elders, tithing and so on. If there is anything that you yourself would maybe like to see here then please post a comment below or email me at , yes it's a silly email address (initially used to separate my work and joke email hence the choosing of a silly name) and yes in South Africa we spell certain words differently, color becomes colour, honor becomes honour and mustache becomes moustache.

Ok then, be blessed and let the world know that you belong to Christ by your love for one another :)

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