Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Healed of stage 4 cancer

This post was meant to follow directly on from the 4 views on the work of the Spirit article but things just never worked out that way. Anyway, the lady pictured above is a work colleague of mine and her name is Magda. Two years ago, almost to the day, she fell down at work and had a seizure. It was only a month later that we realized the full extent of her situation. Below is the her story in her own words (but translated into English).

"On 14 January 2012 I was diagnosed with a 4.7 cm large glioblastoma - a tumor situated on the right side of my brain. A biopsy was done and the results showed that I had stage 4 brain cancer. On 24 January 2012 a neurologist performed a 6 hour long operation and most of the tumor was removed. Only three days later, on 27 January, I was released from the hospital. During the months of February, March and April I had to undergo numerous sessions of radiation as well as chemotherapy.

In April I ended up in ICU due to a faulty signal between my brain and lungs which caused me to stop breathing. The doctor refused to put me on life support and informed my husband that it was time for the family to come and say their goodbyes as there was nothing more they could do for me. My husband and sister-in-law however walked out of my hospital room to go and pray for me. They lay it all at the Lord's feet. A mere 10 minutes later I started breathing again and was released the very next day! The doctor estimated my last days on earth to be between three months to a year, but nobody is in control of my life except the Lord. I prayed each day and believed that God had already healed me. On 7 January 2013, a year later, I received confirmation that I had indeed been healed of the cancer and that the glioblastoma had shrunk to a mere 1 cm. The doctor, and everybody else, were dumbfounded because these tumors usually tend to double in size over a time span of two weeks, and very few people actually survive this type of cancer. But God is big and almighty, and if you ask and believe He will answer your prayers. It was a year in which my faith was tested and it was a year which brought me so much closer to God. We really do serve a great and living God! Two years have already passed and even the 1 cm sized tumor is gone! I don't have cancer anymore!"

Magda's husband explained to me in more detail just how rare her recovery was, people don't just come back from stage 4 brain cancer and the doctor himself described it as a miracle. The only realistic hope here for them was in God. May her story be an encouragement to others going through rough times! And may it be an encouragement to all that our God still operates in signs and wonders and is very much involved in the present. And may it serve as a testimony, not to the power of prayer, but to the one whom we are praying to!

PS - If anyone wants to watch a short video of her sharing this story with a few photos to show the extent of the journey she endured you can watch it here , it is in Afrikaans though.

PSS - Today is Magda's birthday, Happy birthday Magda! :)

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