Friday, 18 April 2014

Book review - Book publishing instructions by Jeremy Myers

This is the first time that I will be reviewing a book on this blog but because such a large percentage of blog readers are writers themselves I thought that this would be beneficial to others as well.

As you may already know I am in the process of writing my first book myself and the info in Jeremy's book has really helped me go into this process with a plan. I now realize how incredibly naive I was about what goes into publishing a book. Initially I thought that I would write my book, make a cover, convert it to PDF and then upload it onto my blog, yeah right... This book lays out the steps to every aspect of publishing step by step as though they were recipes in a cook book. From writing with Styles and using the Style guide to incorporating images and page layouts, it is all there and will end up saving you hours of time in the editing phase. It contains detailed steps for formatting your paperback and eBook and where and how to get published through various publishers and yes, it is pretty easy to get your book published on Amazon and other similar sites. Also covered is how to obtain an ISBN number and the benefits and downsides associated with each option available to you. How to market your book and on and on it goes. If you want people to take your writing seriously or to even discover what you wrote, you need to be more than just a good author and this book will equip you for that.

There are two other things that are worth mentioning though. I read the eBook which was great but because of the nature of the content, I would recommend spending a few extra rands/dollars on (you can do that here) something that you can shove book marks into and mark with a highlighter. There is a benefit to the eBook though in that if you are interested in theological books (which account for all of his other works), by subscribing to Jeremy's newsletter on his blog, he sends out a limited time offer to purchase all of his eBooks at a massively discounted price. It works out to seven books for $9.99 which is cheaper than buying just this book by itself through Amazon which is a pretty good deal.

On another note I hope to start a series this week on God and how He is viewed in the Old Testament and in the book of Revelations, specifically with regards to the violent portrayals in some of those texts. It is quite a hot topic at the moment and I have some differing views to much of what I have been reading so hopefully we can get some discussion going around that soon.



  1. Thanks for the review! Also, thanks for mentioning the sale price for the books for email subscribers. I am thrilled that this book will help you get your book published!

    1. It is a pleasure! I enjoyed "Skeleton Church" as well and look forward to reading some of your others next.