Monday, 4 May 2015

A short break


If you visited this site this week expecting a new post in the house church 101 series I am unfortunately taking a two week break from it. I was away from my local assembly last week and this coming one and because I have been sharing these concurrently with you guys and them I had to hit the pause button. For the time being you can read an old post by clicking here which will form part of the series even though it was written prior to the rest of the articles. It is all about the temples that men build and the temple that God Himself promised to build.

I may still post something here in the coming days before getting back to the house church series on Psalm 22. I am currently studying up on the purpose of the cross and looking to address some of the false assumptions that people have regarding the atonement. That will almost definitely turn into a series as well so stay tuned.

Till next time.


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