Friday, 11 December 2015

2 views on power

This short thought is directly linked to my last post on the Lamb of Revelation. One of the images displays how the world sees and understands power while the other shows how God and the early church understood it. One relies on force and coercion while the other relies on self sacrificial love and 'overcomes evil by doing good'. I think that the modern church to a large degree tries to balance both views, when plan A does not work we move on to plan B. In future posts I intend to explore the idea that the two views are mutually exclusive and to be honest there are a lot of holes in my understanding on this still. There are so many "but what about.." verses that I need to reconcile with the revelation of who Jesus is still. These posts will be me fleshing out my thoughts rather than teaching the way things are. But for now I will leave you with the verse below in case you were still wondering which image the early church associated with the power of God.

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